The ZEEDS initiative is back at the Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference

Three years ago, we gathered at Nor-Shipping to announce ZEEDS, a bold initiative to find the fastest routes towards zero emissions shipping. We knew we couldn’t do it alone, so we asked the whole industry for help and the response has been overwhelming. Stakeholders from all over the world have contacted us to offer their brains and knowledge.

This year ZEEDS will be back at stage on the Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference Monday 4 April to share some of the actions made in the project. The initiative is made up of companies representing different parts of the industry value chain, all with different agendas and business interests, still our collaboration has managed to take our ideas from the sketchbook to reality. We look forward to meeting the rest of the industry again at Nor-Shipping to discuss and until we see you there, lets have a little look at what we presented in 2019: